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The Aspirin Trick That All Women Should Know, Great Results!

Spending a lot of time in front of a computer causes headaches. And, all that is on your mind is to take a rest or to take an aspirin. Besides relieving a headache, aspirin has many other uses you did not know about. Read on to find out about them.

1. Eliminate Sweat Stains

You know those ugly patches of fruit that are a result of deodorant and sweat. They can be really annoying, but crushing four pills of aspirin and dissolving them in water, can really help you out.

Put your clothes in the bowl of water and aspirin, and let them soak for an hour. Then, wash them as you normally do, and the stains will be gone.

2. Keep the Flowers Alive

Having a bouquet of flowers and watching it dying is not nice, but you can solve this problem by putting an aspirin in a vase every two weeks.

3. Exfoliation

If you want to get a nice and clean face, all you need is two crushed aspirin tablets mixed with some lemon juice and baking soda. Mix until you get a paste. Massage your face with circular motions, and let it stay for twenty minutes.
Wash your face with water, and you will notice the results. Do it once in every two weeks.

5. Take Care of Your Lips

You need to take care of your lips too. So mix aspirin, honey, and brown sugar to form a paste. Put it on your lips and massage it gently. Let it stay for about fifteen minutes and wash it off with water. Do it every two weeks.

6. Take Care of Your Feet

Standing for a long time makes your feet suffer, so you get cracks, dryness, and calluses. Anyway, you can crush four tablets of aspirin and make a paste by mixing them with some lemon juice.

Massage the affected area in circular motions, and let it stay for ten minutes. Use a dry cloth to wipe them, and then, use a pumice stone. Do it three times per week for a month. Your feet will thank you.

7. Face Tonic

Use apple cider vinegar and two aspirins to form a paste. Massage your face with the paste. Do this two times per week.

8. No More Dandruff

No one likes dandruff. It is not nice having a dry scalp, but now you can fix this by adding two aspirin tablets in your shampoo. When you apply the shampoo on your hair, let it stay for five minutes. After that, wash it well with water. Do it three times per week for a month.

9. Goodbye Aging

Make a paste with aspirin to delay aging. Use four crushed aspirin tablets and mix them with water until you get a paste. Massage your face with the paste. Do it two times per week.



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